Physis is ancient Greek metaphysical, philosophical, and scientific term. The spirit of Physis embodies our harmonious application of Pharmacology, Psychotherapy, Orthomolecular medicine and ‘NextGen’ Biopharmaceutical apothecary to treat mental health conditions, dependency and psychological unease.

Physis Recovery™ received the accolade of Worlds Best Rehab by the highly & regarded eponymous publication. Luxury Wellness Magazine also bestowed the honor of Most Luxurious Wellness Retreat upon Physis Wellness®

Physis Wellness™

Physis takes a coherent, conceptualized approach to international treatment. Our Luxury Wellness clinic delivers the world’s most advanced cell regeneration and holistic medicinal technologies in a supremely powerful program to strengthen, energize and both enhance and lengthen life.

Wellness therapies are specifically designed for each individual patient to boost their immune system, restore vitality and combat the effects of aging.

Clients benefit from an individualized, unique and harmoniously blended system that combines cutting-edge medicine and technology, with well-being, nutrition plans and Orthomolecular medicine.

Physis Recovery™

At Physis Recovery we believe the opposite of dependency and psychological unease is connection. Connection with self, with others, with our environment and with the universe. We harmoniously blend leading edge clinical therapeutic advancements with the most progressive scientific program of recovery available.

The Physis Metho™ is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account psychological and social factors, rather than just masking symptoms.

Our case management is unlimited in scope and our physicians and therapists have a broad panoply of techniques at their disposal.
Physis embraces concept of modern synergy. Our specialist Pain, Anxiety and Burnout clinics stand unique, yet inextricably linked to the rest of the recovery program and the Physis Method.


Physis are lifestyle architects and pioneers of a groundbreaking approach to mental wellness and recovery using a psychotherapeutic led approach to medically prescribed plant based natural medicine. Tripnotherapy™ is available as a standalone or integrated modality of treatment to patients and other clinics via license.

Biopharmaceuticals are set to become the next multi-billion industry as consistent results prove their effectiveness with opioid recovery, alcohol addiction, anxiety, treatment resistant depression, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Adult ADHD and a range of other psychological conditions. Physis Recovery proudly supports and champions scientific research and development to make these treatments widely available.

Tripnotherap™ is an optional layer of bespoke care only delivered after extensive psychological and medical testing. The majority of clients respond successfully to our Phase one and two clinical interventions.

Alexander Bentley, CEO

Alexander Bentley is the lead architect of The Physis Method™ as well as  the creator & pioneer behind Tripnotherapy™, embracing ‘NextGen’ psychedelic biopharmaceuticals to treat addiction, depression, anxiety and serious psychological unease. Under his leadership as CEO, Physis Recovery received the accolade of Best Luxury Clinic status by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine. Because of his incredible work, the clinic is the world’s first $1 million-plus rehab center with locations in four premier destinations.

Clients can experience a luxurious stay and undergo one of Physis Recovery’s extraordinary treatment packages. For clients unable to travel, Alexander leads a project group to deliver the hugely successful Physis @ Home program, bringing the most intense psychotherapeutic healing experience directly to clients in their own home.


Physis Biopharmaceutical and Pain Management Clinics are located in Portugal, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico, depending on individual case requirements. The Physis care team can arrange private transportation between jurisdictions if required, and as part of ongoing therapy.

Biopharmaceutical treatments are medically prescribed and supervised by a physician and medical team.




Physis Recovery

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