Luxury Wellness

The Physis Luxury Wellness Clinic delivers an outstanding range of expertise, bringing together leading medical specialists dedicated to helping patients lead healthier and longer lives.

Physis therapies are specifically designed for each individual patient to boost their immune system, restore vitality and combat the effects of aging.

Clients benefit from an individualized, unique and harmoniously blended system that combines cutting-edge medicine and technology, with well-being, nutrition plans and Orthomolecular medicine.

Through the Physis Clinic, clients discover the secret of living longer, healthier and fuller lives.

Physis Luxury Wellness

A stay at the Physis Clinic is the most luxurious wellness and rejuvenation experience in the World. Bringing you the world’s most advanced cell regeneration and holistic medicinal technologies, this supremely powerful program strengthens and energizes you to enhance and lengthen your life.

The Physis exclusive complete wellness experience will renew your body, reinvigorate your mind and restore your vitality, leaving you energized and ready to perform better than ever before.

After any procedures patients may spend their recovery time on our own 125ft luxury yacht exploring the Andaman sea; spearfishing, apnea freediving with manta rays and experiencing ‘Robinson Crusoe’ castaway adventures on deserted islands with Komodo Dragons.


Physis Luxury Treatments

BioChemical Restoration

Ozone Therapy

Stem Cell Treatment

High Dose IV NAD

Biomolecular Restoration

Bio-Pharmaceutical Treatment

Orthomolecular medicine

Telomere Repair

Non Invasive Rejuvenation

Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy

DNA & RNA Repair

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Flotation Therapy


Medically prescribed HGH

Medical Hormone Treatment

Cosmetic Surgery

Spiritual Connection



Physis Recovery

Learn more about the Worlds most exclusive, successful and luxurious rehab experience.


The Physis Experience

Worlds Most Exclusive Sanctuary

Our Addiction Philosophy

Return to a Life Well Lived

A New Style of Clinic

Recovery with Purpose