Opioid Addiction

The Physis Recovery Opioid Clinic operates at the forefront of medical science, with some of the best and most experienced Opioid Physicians and Clinical Therapists in the World.

Addiction to opioids, a class of drugs that includes heroin and prescription painkillers such as oxycodone and fentanyl, has skyrocketed in recent years across the World.

Commonly prescribed opioids include oxycodone, fentanyl, methadone, buprenorphine, oxymorphone, hydrocodone & codeine. Heroin & methadone

With a choice of worldwide locations at their disposal, the care team have the autonomy and regulatory freedom to be able to consider and deliver the most progressive Opioid recovery programs available.

Physis Method® for Opioid Addiction

With such intense withdrawal episodes, combined with the highly addictive nature of the pharmaceuticals there can simply be no standard approach to Opioid addiction treatment. Rehab fails many, and abstinence programs are rarely successful. Admissions to Physis have often suffered from chronic relapse after being failed by the limited treatment available.

Many rehabs are polarized and restricted in their treatment approach. The Opioid Clinic at Physis Recovery is unencumbered by modality or belief. They take a modern, non 12 step approach to treatment which may include the recommendation to take a Pharmacotherapy approach for opioid use disorder.


Bio-pharmaceutical Treatment

Our medical care teams operate on a global basis, and are therefore free of regulatory and constitutional issues in delivering their aim of complete recovery from Opiod use disorder. Medically and therapeutically supervised Ibogaine treatments are available in smaller and larger doses.

Physis fully supports the global R&D effort into plant based biotherapy solutions for the treatment of Opioid addiction and psychological illness.

Physis has developed and trademarked a World Class model of treatment using Bio-pharmaceuticals called Tripnotherapy


Therapeutic Modality

The Physis Method® covers 14 major pillars of treatment:

 Medical Detox

Intense Psychotherapy

Values Therapy

Biomolecular Restoration

Bio-Pharmaceutical Treatment

Orthomolecular medicine

Art, Music and Psychodrama

Clinical Hypnotherapy



Family Systems Therapy


Somatic Experiencing

Existential Connection

Psychological issues are often closely linked with biochemical imbalances and neurotransmitter issues in the body and these imbalances are healed with a sustained program of bio-molecular restoration, orthomolecular medicine and bio-pharmaceutical prescriptions to complement intense episodes of psycho-therapeutic deliveries.

All medical staff and therapists are experts in Dual Diagnosis and the treatment of co-morbid conditions.




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