Pain Clinic

The Physis Pain Clinic is the Worlds most exclusive and luxurious ‘Pharma-therapeutic’ program. The Clinic fundamentally rejects the notion that physical and psychogenic pain can be cured by therapy alone.

Our clinic will identify the root causes of pain and combine the right medications with the right therapeutic & Orthomolecular approach in the pursuit of long term remission from debilitating pain.

The Physis Pain Clinic has locations in Portugal, Ecuador, Mexico & Canada. Patients can move between locations during treatment, depending on the evolution of an individual’s chronic pain management program, and the suitability of progressive medically prescribed treatments.

The Physis Pain Clinic does not operate from our Thailand or Indonesia locations.

Physis Method® for Chronic Pain

Our Consultant led program has the flexibility and autonomy to prescribe new and progressive pain management medication as well as the flexibility prescribe off label medically supervised treatments including CBD derivatives and psychoactive substances.

Chronic Pain is often closely linked with biochemical imbalances and neurotransmitter issues in the body and these imbalances are healed with a sustained program of bio-molecular restoration, orthomolecular medicine and bio-pharmaceutical prescriptions to complement intense episodes of psychotherapy.

Our Holistic program includes practitioners from all over the world who are on exclusive standby for our clients.



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