Stimulant Abuse

Addiction is a term used to describe a physical, psychological and or emotional dependency on one or more particular substances & behaviors.

Stimulant dependency usually manifests as an addiction to chemical substances such as:

-Concerta (extended release methylphenidate)
-Strattera (atomoxitine hcl)
-Vyvase (lisdexamfetamine – related to dextroamphetamine)
-Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine)

When treating clients on a truly individual basis no single therapeutic approach or modality can be relied upon to deliver the desired results. There is no catchall recovery method, and certainly no silver bullet to end addiction.

The Physis Recovery team work on the principle that no one modality alone can deliver an end to destructive addictive behavior and so take a truly integrated approach to treatment, with exceptional success.

The Physis Method® is a broad range of leading edge psycho-therapeutic methods. Delivered from both a psychiatric and therapeutic schools of practice, the whole team at Physis believe in creating long term sustainable recovery, placing the client at the heart of their World Class treatment offering.

Physis Method®

At Physis we don’t believe in shame or punishment. We believe the opposite of addiction is connection. Connection with self, with others, with our environment and with the universe.

We harmoniously blend leading edge clinical therapeutic advancements with the worlds most progressive scientific program of recovery. In settings designed to inspire, excite and reunite.

The Physis Method® is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account psychological and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of stimulant dependency.

Our case management is unlimited in scope and our physicians and therapists have a broad panoply of techniques at their disposal.


Treatment Pillars

The Physis Method® covers 14 major pillars of treatment:

 Medical Detox

Intense Psychotherapy

Values Therapy

Biomolecular Restoration

Bio-Pharmaceutical Treatment

Orthomolecular medicine

Art, Music and Psychodrama

Clinical Hypnotherapy



Family Systems Therapy


Somatic Experiencing

Existential Connection

Stimulant dependency is often closely linked with biochemical imbalances and neurotransmitter issues in the body. These imbalances are healed with a sustained program of bio-molecular restoration, orthomolecular medicine and bio-pharmaceutical prescriptions to complement intense episodes of world class psychotherapy.

All Physis therapists are experts in Dual Diagnosis and the treatment of co-morbid conditions.




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