Stress & Burnout

Physis Recovery does not follow popular thinking and actively rejects the notion of mental health acceptability in the Boardroom.

We acknowledge that regrettably it is still fundamentally unacceptable for a senior executive, CEO or entrepreneur to admit to suffering burnout, stress or psychological problems.

The very nature of capitalism means there is never a shortage of other executives willing to step into a role vacated by a perceived internal and external inability to perform.

However, it is still universally acknowledged that these issues are real; compounding feelings of isolation, fear, anxiety, paranoia and depression.

Executive and entrepreneur burnout usually results in prolonged self medication with alcohol, painkillers, stimulants and benzodiazepines.

An already high risk tolerance in high achieving individuals is heightened during periods of extreme stress  with destructive behaviors around food, sex, gambling and other process addictions. We are recognized by Worlds Best Rehab as the leaders in our field.

Physis Method® for Burnout

Physis is a luxurious and clandestine luxury recovery clinic specializing in the treatment of executive stress and burnout.

We usually recommend clients spend their recovery time on our own 125ft luxury yacht exploring the Andaman sea; spearfishing, apnea freediving with manta rays and experiencing ‘Robinson Crusoe’ castaway adventures on deserted islands with Komodo Dragons.

A clients family are welcome to join us on this voyage of rediscovery and our family systems therapists will join us to deliver their delightful reunification program.


Treatment of Executive Burnout

The Physis Method® covers 14 major pillars of burnout treatment:

Orthomolecular Detox

Intense Psychotherapy


Values Therapy

Biomolecular Restoration

Bio-Pharmaceutical Treatment

Orthomolecular medicine

Clinical Hypnotherapy




Somatic Experiencing

Holistic Therapies

Existential Connection

Physis Recovery is the most successful, life changing and epic recovery experience ever created. Perfectly and effortlessly blending leading edge clinical therapeutic advancements with the worlds most advanced scientific program of recovery. In settings designed to delight, excite and reunite.




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